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sir01 - SIR Rapid Mop System

sir01 - SIR Rapid Mop System

sir01 - The Rapid Mop gives a whole new meaning to sweeping and mopping. Where areas are only lightly soiled but in need of good thorough dust control the Rapid Mop is ideal. The Rapid Mop works by using the handle of the mop as a cleaning solution reservoir. A thumb operated button on top of the handle pumps solution forwards out of 3 jets placed just above the pad holder so that the pad can utilise the moisture to clean. The Pad is attached to the holder using Velcro. The reservoir is replenished via the removable pump button at the top of the handle Colour coded rings easily fit onto the handle.


£ 32.00 excl Vat


£ 38.40 inc Vat

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