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We are proud to present our latest innovation in the field of sanitisation: X-Mist™.

This revolutionary new “easy to use” broad-spectrum germicide is formulated specifically for deodorising and sanitising all type’s of space from hospitals, clinics and hotel rooms to vehicles and aircraft.

You place the can on the floor in the middle of the room, press the button, then leave the room - see the video below for a a demonstration, plus more information below.

How to use X Mist

X-MIST Atmospheric Sanitiser and Deodoriser allows you to quickly and easily sanitise an entire average size room, caravan or other spaces with just the press of a button.  One 250ml can will treat a room approximately 5m x 5m x 5m (average room size).

- X-Mist is a highly effective, powerful broad-spectrum germicide proven to be 99.9998% (Log Kill 6).  
- Destroys Bacteria - eliminates a broad spectrum of bacteria including E-coli, Salmonella and Legionella.
- Kills Germs - eliminates germs responsible for colds, flu, staph infections and MRSA for a healthier environment.
- Effective Odour Removal - eliminates stubborn odours from food, pets, smoke and mould, leaving a clean fresh smell.
- Targets Difficult Areas - disinfects places that might otherwise be missed, overlooked or out of reach.
- Lasting Results - remains active for up to 7 days after use.
- Safe and User Friendly - incredibly simple 'lock and leave' system that is very cost-effective and acts fast.
- Use Anywhere - use in any space from entrance/lobby to bedrooms, gyms and steam rooms.
- British Standards -  fully tested to British Standards BS EN 1276 & BS En 1650.

How to use X-Mist
A propellant inside the can sends out a micro-mist of powerful, disinfecting active ingredients (tested to BS EN 1276 and BS EN 1650) that disperse throughout the area. 
The micro-mist gets to work on contact with every surface, eliminating a wide range of germs, including bacteria, yeasts and fungi that can be the cause of bad odours but is also effective against viruses and other harmful microorganisms. 

- Shake the can for 30 seconds before use.
- Prepare the space by cleaning and removing anything that may cause odours, e.g. waste food or soiled fabrics.
- Remove pets and people from the area to be treated.
- Choose a central location for the can and place it on a clean cloth or small towel, in case of overspray.  Close all windows then press and lock the total release valve button.
- Exit the space and close the door.
- Wait at least an hour before returning.  Air out as necessary (i.e. open windows/doors).
- Please note that once X-Mist is activated, it cannot be stopped until the can is empty.  Larger areas may require additional cans for effective treatment. 
How Effective is X-Mist?
Not only does X-Mist contain a high level of Ethyl (ethanol), it has the benefit of added active agents giving it the ability to take the log kill rate to a higher level than the ethyl alone (Log Kill 6).  The active agents will make the product last longer staying active for up to 7 days on most surfaces.
The bactericidal activity of various concentrations of ethyl was examined against a variety of microorganisms in exposure periods ranging from 10 seconds to 1 hour.
Pseudomonas aeruginosa was killed in 10 seconds by all concentrations of ethyl from 30% to 100% (v/v) and Serratia marcescens, E-Coli and Salmonella typhosa were killed in 10 seconds by all concentrations of ethyl from 40%-100%.
The gram-positive organisms Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes were slightly more resistant, being killed in 10 seconds by ethyl concentrations of 60%-95%.  Ethyl, at concentrations of 60%-80%, is a potent virucidal agent inactivating all the lipophilic viruses (e.g. herpes, vacinia and influenza virus) and many hydrophilic viruses (e.g. adenovirus, enterovirus, rhinovirus and rotaviruses but not hepatitis A virus (HAV) or poliovirus).
Studies have demonstrated the ability of ethyl to inactivate the hepatitis B virus (HBV) the herpes virus, also to inactivate human immunodeficienty virus (HIV) rotavirus, echovirus and astrovirus.
Ethyl is highly effective against vegetative bacteria, fungi and lipid-containing viruses.  Their action on nonlipid viruses is variable.  For highest effectiveness they should be used at concentrates of approximately 70%.
The major advantage of aqueous solutions of ethyl is that it does not leave any residual on treated items.
Used properly, the X-Mist product will do all the above and should leave no residue on treated items.
X-Mist is a broad spectrum sanitizer proved to be 99.9998% (Log Kill 6) effective in combating the pathogens listed below.  All of the pathogens were tested an an independent laboratory in accordance with BS EN standards. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) convened the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on January 30th 2020 where it was announced that the new strain of coronavirus is officially a global health emergency.  This new strain has been named Covid-19 and is classified as an airborne high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK.
A recent review on the persistence of human and veterinary coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces showed that human coronaviruses such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) coronavirus, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus or endemic human coronaviruses (HCoV) can persist on inanimate surfaces like metal, glass or plastic for up to 9 days.
Some disinfectant agents effectively reduce coronavirus infectivity within 1 minute such as 62%-71% ethanol, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide or 0.1% sodium hypochlorite.  Other compounds such as 0.05%-0.2% benzalkonium chloride or 0.02% chlorhexidine digluconate are less effective.  An effective surface disinfection may help to ensure an early containment and prevention of further viral spread (as stated on several Government health websites - read the reports here: Official Journal of the Healthcare Infection Society, ECDE Technical Report).
Why Use X-Mist?
X-Mist is a highly effective, powerful broad-spectrum germicide.  The product range is the most powerful airborne and all-surface sanitiser on the market today, and kills 99.9998% of germs and viruses (other disinfectants are typically 99% and will not contain the level of ethanol stated in the requirements).  
Not only does X-Mist contain the government-stated recommended level of Ethanol to effectively reduce Coronavirus infectivity, it has the benefit of added active agents, giving it the ability to take the log kill rate to a higher level than the ethanol alone (X-Mist is rated Log Kill 6).  These active agents enable X-Mist to last longer, so it remains active for up to 7 days on most surfaces.
The World Health Organization (WHO) and many NHS centres point out and fully understand that the words "cleaning" and "disinfecting" are often referred to in the same context, however, they are actually two very different situations.  Cleaning a surface with detergent will only move microscopic health hazards from one place to another.  Disinfecting, sanitising and germ killing is entirely different.  Surfaces can appear to look clean but still be teeming with germs.  Rather than just moving germs around, X-Mist eliminates them.  When X-Mist is activated, it releases an ultrafine, disinfectant mist into a space that destroys bacteria and germs everywhere it settles.
How Coronavirus Spreads
From what we understand about other coronaviruses, spread of Covid-19 most likely happens when there is close contact (within 2 metres) with an infected person.  It is likely that the risk increases the longer someone has close contact with an infected person.
Droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes (termed respiratory secretions) containing the virus are most likely to be the most important means of transmission.  There are two routes by which people could become infected:
Secretions can be directly transferred into the mouths or noses of people who are nearby (within 2 metres) or could be inhaled into the lungs.
It is also possible that someone may become infected by touching a surface or object that has been contaminated with respiratory secretions and then touching their own mouth, nose or eyes (such as touching a door knob or shaking hands and then touching own face).
The incubation period is between 2 and 14 days.  This means that if a person remains well 14 days after contact with someone with confirmed coronavirus, it is unlikely that they have been infected.
The following symptoms may develop in the 14 days after exposure to someone who has Covid-19 infection:  coughing, difficulty in breathing and a fever.  Generally, these infections can cause more severe symptoms in people with weakened immune systems, older people and those with long-term conditions like diabetes, cancer and chronic lung disease. 
How to Clean Establishments with Suspected Cases of Covid-19.
All surfaces that the suspected case has come into contact with must be cleaned using disposable cloths and effective disinfectants (as mentioend earlier), according to current recommended workplace legislation and practice.  These include:
- All surfaces and objects which are visibly contaminated with body fluids.
- All potentially contaminated high-contact areas such as toilets, door handles, telephones etc.
- Public areas where a suspected case has passed through and spent minimal time in (such as corridors) but which are not visibly contamined with body fluids should also be cleaned and disinfected. 
In Conclusion - on inanimate surfaces, human coronaviruses can remain infectious for up to 9 days.  A surface disinfection with 0.1% sodium hypochlorite, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide or 62%-71% ethanol can be regarded as effective against coronaviruses within 1 minute.  A similar effect can be expected against the SARS-CoV-2.
Due to it's high levels of ethanol, X-Mist helps kill airbourne and surface viruses and germs, delivering disinfectant to places that might otherwise be missed, overlooked or out of reach.  Please be aware that X-Mist cannot be used to kill the virus while it exists within the living body.
Safety Data Sheets are available to download on the individual product pages for the two fragrances - Exotic Hedione and Tea Tree.  Please note that you must enter the Quantity and Fragrance on the drop down menu at the top of this page in order to view the relevant Safety Data Sheet.



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