Synbiotic treatment of the entire living, working and leisure environment for a more pleasant and healthier life.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 30% of all buildings suffer from Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). Modern buildings with artificial ventilation and air conditioning are particularly sensitive to the development of SBS. Due to the accumulation of germs, mold, fine dust, allergens, bad smells and other unwanted pollution, the health of employees or residents is seriously threatened. As a result, there is considerably more illness and therefore productivity loss among employees.


Via the patented Synbio® technology, the entire indoor environment is made healthier by promoting a healthy microflora on ALL surfaces; also those that are inaccessible to ordinary cleaning.


PIP Ultra Air is a product for sustainable and safe air treatment. PIP Ultra Air is an ultrasonically generated mist that carries the probiotics through the air. The effect of the product is based on probiotics that produce enzymes for a long time. 


Symbio Air treatment Starter Kit

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